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This section lists, or at least it will list, websites that Grandma’s Footsteps likes or which contain useful information and any other stuff we like.  It unashamedly advertises the websites of friends and colleagues, to whom I have been extremely grateful for the help that they have provided.   But first it sets out our thanks to a number of people who have been outstandingly helpful.


What would I do without Marcus Bointon of, who has taught me how to speak web, well a couple of nouns and verbs of it at any rate.  He also sends out each update of Grandma’s Footsteps to you.  He can send out your business emails too if you contact him on and tell him that Grandma sent you.

Thanks to Rebecca Orde who is just generally wonderful.


I am working half time for g7+ and it’s very different   Not many people know about g7+, so here is a short introduction.  The g7+ is a voluntary association of countries that are or have been affected by conflict and are now in transition to the next stage of development. The main objective of the g7+ is to share experiences and learn from one another, and to advocate for reforms to the way the international community engages in conflict-affected states.  And here is a link to its website:

In Timor-Leste

We really enjoyed staying at the Esplanada hotel in Dili.  With more of a holiday feel than a business hotel, it is a real haven when you first stagger in with jet lag.  But it is a great place to meet people.  The restaurant overlooking the sea nearly always has a bit of a cooling breeze and so the old hands and the newly arrived gather there in the evenings.  We certainly made an instant social circle through staying there and we go back for the Friday night drinks with the regulars.  Plus it serves polenta chips, which I had never heard of.

Hash House Harriers

Here is a link to the local chapter of the HHH in Dili – If you go take a look at the photos, you will see some of the silly antics that the Hash gets up to and find a few pictures of Yana, Ian and me.

Camps International

I am a trustee for Camps Foundation, the charity associated with the awarding winning business, Camps International.  Camps is a business offering volunteering holidays to developing countries so that young people, families and gappers of any age can have a lot of fun whilst helping the less fortunate in this world, by building schools, rigging up water systems, wildlife projects, conservation and helping to create local employment.  If you want to make a difference, have a good holiday and don’t mind roughing it a bit, you’ll have a really rewarding time with Camps.

Do something amazing and take a look at  And look at our charity  AND please donate – here is a just giving link –


Rome is one of my favourite cities.  Here is a link to a restaurant which rejoices in a similar name and philosophy as mine:  Homebaked – Grandma’s kitchen.  So here is the link and if you get the chance, do go there.  They sell lots of lovely stuff we like, just like Grandma makes!

Climate change (but this one is in Norwegian!)



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