8 February 2014

Dili is proving to be that idyllic tropical retreat which we thought it would be, (sunshine, palm trees, beaches,)

Avenida de Portugal

Avenida de Portugal

but it also has some of the disadvantages of a distant tropical island.   So for example, today, the internet and the television took it in turns not to work.  We wanted to watch the winter Olympics in the cool of our air-conditioned hotel room, but it was not to be.  The electricity went on and off, the television went on and off, the internet cut in and out and we gave in and went to sleep in the heat.

The result was that we missed an appearance on TV of Timor-Leste’s one and only participant in the Winter Olympics.  He is half Timorese and half French but

The flag of Timor-Leste

The flag of Timor-Leste

managed to qualify for the games in his own right.  Quite a few people told us that they had seen him.  He carried the Timor-Leste flag in the opening ceremony.  In the end, he came last in both the races that he participated in, but hey – he took part and what is more he finished both his races.  Here is more about him. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/skier-puts-east-timor-winter-191435561–ski.html

Keeping in touch has always been really important for me but it is proving an uphill struggle here in Dili. At the moment, I am totally unable to get my DLA computer to work and the blackberry started off by receiving calls but no emails and rapidly deteriorated so that now I am just using it as an alarm clock.  The electricity and internet is reliable in the office, but much more erratic in the hotel.  Even when the electricity/internet works, there is no guarantee that you will get connected.  The signal comes and goes.  The internet works better during the day, but in the early evening when the guests return to the hotel from their day’s work and try to get on-line, it rapidly goes down hill again.  So, little chance to get on skype – and not a chance of getting the video to work.  We hope it will be better when we move into our own place.

However, the view from the hotel is stunning and after a few drinks, the frustrations of internet wrestling don’t seem to matter as much.

Best wishes


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