Out of the mouths

As grandparents, we have all laughed at the sayings of our grandchildren.  So we thought it would be fun to have a page where you can share things that made you laugh.

Tell us down below so that we can all laugh!


5yr old to younger sister about their evening meal:
Don’t worry it tastes much better than it looks.
6yr old:
Do people get to say one last thing before they die?
5 yr old:
Mummy, I know what a bongo is
Mum: What is it?
5yr old: Its a house with no stairs.

Franny – Age 6:

What are you going to buy with your $1 from the tooth fairy? Franny, age 6: An iPhone.

8 yr old:
I will always love  you  except when I am a teenager.
8 yr old:
I can eat slowly I just never want to.
9 yr old to mum:
I think you have a better relationship with the cat than you do with any of us.
9 yr old on UK politics:
I think that the Lib Dems should do a deal with the Conservatories
How do you approach an angry Welsh cheese?Caerphilly.
Children on finding a dead mouse:                 5yr old: If a mouse is sick does it keep really really still?
Mum: No
5 yr old: Oh, then it is dead.  Can we take it to the vet?
Dad: No
5 yr old: Oh but I want to know whether it is a boy or a girl.
4yr old to younger sister:
4yr old: Can you say chair?
22m: chair
4 yr old: Can you say seat?
22m: seat
4 year old: Can you say ball?
22m: ball
4 year old: Can you say driving lessons?
Big sister aged 8 – I want to go shopping on my own.                                                             4yr old – I can’t because I can’t read shopping listsMummy  – You can read lots of things, your name, your sister’s name, and Tom’s name.4 yr old –  Yes I can  and I can write Tom’s name.  When I don’t like my work  I put Tom’s name on it.
Adult: That’s a clever idea, how did you think of that?
3yr old: It was my tummy
8 yr old on talking about selling something on e-bay.

Q: Can we sell this on Edam?(Bit cheesy this one!)

To a 5 yr old:
Q.   Did you enjoy the wedding?
A.   My feet were so hot
4 yr old asking:
Q. Mummy, what is this?
A: Chicken and rice
4 yr old: Please don’t ever make this again
To a 3yr old:
Q Did you have a good day at nursery?
A. Yes I didn’t smack or hit anyone.
4 year old:4 yr old: Now you think about what I’m saying
Mum: What are you saying?
4 yr old: Yup.
3yr old asking:
Q. Do snakes do wees and poos?
A. Yes they do
Response: well I’m not sure about that because you need arms and legs to do wees and poos.
2 year old:
“When the dark is taken off then you”ll be able to see it”
3yr old:
“If I go on holiday then I won’t know the way home”
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