January 31st

All the last minute panics are over, everything is packed – well, as much as we could get into bags was packed (we will have to do without the rest), the problem of the malaria tablets that did not arrive is solved and we have managed to doze our way from London to Singapore.  We watched the film “All is Lost” with Robert Redford, to remind ourselves that the next plan is to risk losing life and limb on our boat, Elemiah, rather than risking the crocodiles of Timor-Leste.


A reminder of Russia

A reminder of Russia

The film is amazingly good if you like imagining all the things that can go wrong when you go sailing. 

In Singapore, we were delighted with the processions and dragons forming part of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year in the bay area.  We  indulged in scoffing one of my favourite dishes – chicken satay – delicious!  As tasty as some of my favourite Georgian dishes which also use nuts. Oh, how I am going to miss going to Khachapuri restaurant in Moscow – I will have to console myself with satay!

As we departed on the next leg of our trip, Singapore decided to remind us of Russia with its huge model of a matroshka and an orthodox cathedral made of plants and flowers.  Moscow, we may have left you, but you are not forgotten!


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